My relationship with natural therapies started when I worked with a Herbalist after a challenging period in my early 20s. Soon after this I came across Homeopathy. This incredible system of medicine showed me the interconnected nature of mind and body and matured my understanding of health and wellbeing. I was soon using Homeopathic remedies for any physical, mental or emotional issues and was so impressed with how effective they were that I decided to become a practitioner. After a 3 year training I obtained my Licentiateship in Homeopathy from the Lakeland College of Homeopathy in 2009.

Due to its holistic, non-toxic credentials, Homeopathy has always been the main form of healthcare for myself and my family, including during my pregnancies, children’s births and the post-natal period. I now love supporting and empowering other women (and their families) through these events as well as life’s other events, however big or small.

After many years of receiving Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and seeing how transformative and profound this body work is, I knew I wanted to learn the subtle yet powerful skills that had been so instrumental in helping me. I trained with Body Intelligence in 2018 and graduated with a diploma after a 2 year training. I am now assistant tutor on the Edinburgh Body Intelligence Craniosacral Training.

Embodied movement and meditation, in particular qigong and yoga, have been a part of my life for over 20 years and help to keep me well, grounded and give me perspective on life. In my free time I like being in nature, especially sea swimming and walking the hills of Edinburgh. I also love being creative with my hands.

I live in Edinburgh with my husband and we have 3 (grown up) children and a rescue greyhound.

Gathering Essence Studio

We, too, are shadow and light. We are not supposed to know this, or be all these different facets of humanity, bright and dark. We are raised to be bright and shiny, but there is meaning in the acceptance of our dusky and dappled side, and also in defiance. Anne Lamott