Long Covid “I came to Emily due to Long Covid and together, we agreed to use both Homeopathy and Craniosacral therapy. Session by session we have been able to knit together and reconstruct a more healthy and strong lived-in body.  With Craniosacral therapy I experienced immediate relief of accumulated stress and pain, profound feelings of calmness and relaxation, and a renewed body awareness.  Her hands worked magic. Her perceptive nature enabled her to find the homeopathic remedy needed and have helped me physically and emotionally.   I completely trust her advice, knowledge, and treatments – she is a sensitive and skilled practitioner who has enriched my life. I know that anyone who finds their way to Emily will also be offered this gift.” L, 48

Physical and Emotional Support “Emily is a sensitive and gifted Craniosacral therapist. She is a fantastic listener and very insightful. I found the sessions with her deeply relaxing, soothing and I learned a lot about myself, too. I highly recommend therapy sessions with Emily. I just loved them.” B, 34

Traumatic Head Injury “Emily has always been a brilliant homeopath, empathetic and remarkably easy to talk to, and has helped me with numerous things over the years. At the end of 2021, I fell off a horse and sustained a traumatic brain injury. After an MRI scan, my neuro-consultant diagnosed me with micro-haemorraghing across different parts of my brain. This led to severe lack of energy for months, job struggles, difficulty with memory as well as having a huge impact on my mood. I was spending the majority of my time resting in bed or crying as I missed my ‘old life’. Emily’s remedies helped me to an astonishing degree. I am miles further ahead in my recovery than expected. Everyone commented on the change in my attitude, energy and ability to do things. I felt a huge difference – amazingly my energy is now nearly back to pre-accident levels. The biggest change was how I felt towards the accident; homeopathy brought a level of acceptance allowing me to channel my energy into healing rather than the anxiety around it. My neuro-consultant has been amazed at the speed of my recovery at this stage!” I, 29

Anxiety/Shyness “I went To Emily for Craniosacral as I was very anxious and not coping that well. I found the sessions extremely nurturing and I’m much better able to deal with my anxiety when it happens now. The sessions are great. She holds the space so welI and I always feel totally supported both on the table during the session and before and after while we talk. ” E, 38

Crippling Anxiety, Loss of Confidence “I came to see Emily for Homeopathy when I was dealing with crippling anxiety, depression and had completely lost my self-confidence. I was very nervous, however, with Emily I immediately felt at ease and after our first session, I already felt like a weight had been lifted. I have just finished my final session and the difference in where I am today is incredible! I feel much more confident, emotionally stable, clear-headed and excited for the future. I am now fully motivated to continue to work on myself and this wouldn’t have happened without Emily. If you are dealing with any kind of struggle, emotional or physical, I would highly recommend Emily as a therapist – her calm, understanding nature and clear passion for helping her clients makes all the difference in the world when you feel at your worst. I can’t thank her enough!” C, 26

Emotional Challenges “I went for Craniosacral Therapy to help deal with my anxiety/emotional pain. I found the sessions to be very relaxing. Emily has a comforting presence and it felt like a very safe space to explore my issues.” S, 26

Anxiety, Insomnia “I went to see Emily for anxiety and insomnia. The remedies and conversations with Emily have helped me immensely on a journey to becoming a better version of myself. It has helped me peel away layers of negative beliefs, grief and behaviour patterns that I had accumulated over my life. I am again like the free, happy, optimistic person that I once was. I feel I am on the right path.’ A, 44

Trauma and Back Pain “Emily made me feel very safe and supported which was so important for me. The Craniosacral treatments were very helpful for my back pain and deeply nourishing for mind, body and soul!” G, 48

Teenage Issues “It can be stressful being a teenager and I felt I needed help to cope better with exams, friendships etc. I think the Homeopathic remedy Emily gave me really helped as I felt more relaxed and confident afterwards. I recently gave a talk in English and I didn’t feel nervous at all. One teacher even commented on the changes in me at parents’ night!” A, 15

Overwhelm “I found Craniosacral Therapy to be a huge help while I was in a period of chaos. The sessions with Emily helped me feel more settled, motivated and clearer about my goals.” M, 25

Baby Colic “I had been treating my 3 week old baby with Infacol, without success. I wanted to try homeopathy and, after taking a detailed history, Emily prescribed a remedy. Within a couple of days I saw an improvement and within a fortnight the colic had completely gone. Having never used homeopathy before I would definitely take this route over conventional medicine again. Overall it was a very positive experience for both me and my child.” Z, 33

Mental and Emotional Stress “I was needing help and healing as I’d been through much mental and emotional stress. I think Craniosacral Therapy is a fantastic way to bring about shifts within. Thank you Emily, for taking me on this journey.” C, 51

Overwhelm “Emily is a gentle, kind, talented Homeopath. I’ve been treated by various homeopaths since my early 20s, all of whom were good, but Emily, in her gentleness, gives me the courage to trust and be totally open about what is going on secure in the knowledge there will never be any judgement from her side – only a willingness to use her vast knowledge to create a healing opportunity for me. She is a gift.” M, 64

Acute Virus “I was amazed by how quickly the homeopathic remedies relieved the pain (the medicines my GP prescribed had no effect). I highly recommend Emily as she is not only a skilled practitioner but has the special qualities which make her a first rate homeopath. She is easy to talk to, genuinely interested, sensitive and intuitive. I’m so impressed I believe Homeopathy will be a lifelong choice for me.” M, 50

Depression “I’d tried conventional medicine to help with my depression but it didn’t work for me. I’ve found Homeopathy has made all the difference to my life. It has given me my life back!” F, 29

Child’s Cough & Sleep Issues “Emily’s treatments helped my son with his cough and sleeping problems. His health is improving, physically and emotionally. Emily is a wonderful therapist!” H, 35 yr old

Allergies and Anxiety “After suffering badly with allergies and anxiety for years I went to Emily for homeopathic treatment. My emotional and physical wellbeing has improved dramatically.” E, 33

Pregnancy and Labour “I used Homeopathy to support my pregnancy and labour. I found Emily to be excellent; very easy to talk to, extremely supportive and the remedies were of great help and worked very effectively.” L, 36

Blocked Tear Duct “I took my 2 year old daughter to see Emily as she suffered from a blocked tear duct since birth. She was on the waiting list for an operation. As soon as she received the Homeopathic remedy the situation improved immensely. This was a great relief as it was much easier to prevent infection to the eye and it was no longer bothering my daughter either. It improved so much that the operation was cancelled and she is now only seen by the Opthalmologist to check if the situation continues to improve.” A, 44

Home Birth “Using the remedies Emily prescribed significantly and positively affected my feelings about my pregnancy and the birth of my baby. I went on to have a healthy baby boy at home with no complications or interventions. I would highly recommend Emily; she is professional, thorough, sensitive and clearly an excellent Homeopath. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to her for help.” S, 40

An Intelligent Therapy “Craniosacral is an intelligent and gentle therapy that gives space for the body to respond and direct its own healing. The sessions with Emily are calming, relaxing and healing.” H, 46