“I was amazed by how quickly the remedies Emily prescribed relieved the pain (the medicines my GP prescribed had no effect). I highly recommend Emily as she is not only a skilled practitioner but has the special qualities which make her a first rate homeopath. She is easy to talk to, genuinely interested, sensitive and intuitive. I am so impressed I believe Homeopathy will be a lifelong choice for me.” MB, 50 yr old

“I’d definitely recommend Emily to my friends. Her treatments helped my son with his cough and sleeping problems. His health is improving, physically and emotionally. Emily is a wonderful therapist!” HP, 35 yr old

“It can be stressful being a teenager and I felt I needed help to cope better with exams, friendships etc. I think the remedy Emily gave me really helped as I felt more relaxed and confident afterwards. I recently gave a talk in English and I didn’t feel nervous at all. One teacher even commented on the changes in me at parents’ night!” AB, 15 yr old

“I’d tried conventional medicine to help with my depression but it didn’t work for me. I’ve found Homeopathy has made all the difference to my life. It has given me my life back!” FW, 29 yr old

“After suffering badly with allergies and anxiety for years I went to Emily for homeopathic treatment. My emotional and physical wellbeing has improved dramatically.” EW, 33 yr old

“I used Homeopathy to support my pregnancy and labour. I found Emily to be excellent; very easy to talk to, extremely supportive and the remedies were of great help and worked very effectively.” LT 36, yr old

“I would highly recommend Emily. She is professional, thorough, sensitive and clearly an excellent Homeopath. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to Emily for help.” ST, 40 yr old

Craniosacral Therapy

“I went for Craniosacral therapy to help deal with my anxiety/emotional pain. I found the sessions to be very relaxing. Emily has a comforting presence and it felt like a very safe space to explore my issues.” SH, 26 yr old

‘I was needing help and healing as I’d been through much mental and emotional stress. I think craniosacral therapy is a fantastic way to bring about shifts within. Thank you Emily, for taking me on this journey.” CL, 51 yr old

‘I found craniosacral therapy to be a huge help while I was in a period of chaos. The sessions with Emily helped me feel more settled, motivated and clearer about my goals.” MP 25 yr old